Dongguan Juxing Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.


Four major advantages

Dongguan City Juxing Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of laser equipment

Factory Direct

Many years of focus on laser marking machine equipment

Excellent R&D team, product accessories have been tested and tested, quality is stable, cost-effective

Advanced technology stems from our focus, using imported accessories for more stable use

Our products have been sold to many countries and regions around the world

All types

Continuously increase product development and technological innovation

Professional development and production of various laser equipment, as well as automated laser equipment, etc.

Many years of experience in laser equipment industry improvement, continuous development of high-performance new products

Thanks to customers who have long supported the long-term use of our new and existing customers.


Continuous innovation and new product development capabilities

All products, free proofing, and free technical guidance

Create a R&D team that can be tailored to customers with special requirements

Engineers and technicians with extensive experience, communication and service concepts are at your service

After-sales protection

24/7 professional service

Pre-sales: Free consultation before sale, free analysis needs help

Sale: Lets you keep track of your order details and provide emergency solutions to solve your urgent needs

After-sales: professional team is on call 24 hours, special handling for emergency orders

Service Process

There is a perfect management system before, during and after sales

demand analysis
Free proofing
Process test
client confirmation
signing the contract
After sales service

Industry application plan



Dongguan Juxing Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of laser engraving equipment. In order to be suitable for the wide application of domestic enterprises, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, is a domestic professional production of engraving, cutting equipment company; mainly engaged in laser processing equipment, laser laser machine manufacturers, laser laser engraving machine, Dongguan laser marking machine, laser micro-machining Development, production and sales of the system. The main products are laser cutting machine, engraving machine, marking machine, laser knife cutting machine and so on. The product quality of Juxing Laser is stable and reliable, and various automated online laser marking equipment can be provided according to customer requirements.


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Industry news

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